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4Best Online Busnisses To Start 2022 For Beginners

Start Busniss online

 I wanted to save your time and give you the businesses that are quick and easy to start so you can start making money relatively fast. When I first started trying to make money online, I had absolutely no idea where to turn and it ended up taking me years just to make my first dollar
but it completely changed my life and l’ll super excited to share this information so we can hopefully change yours as well. So with that being said, if you guys do enjoy this content, make sure to smash that like button . Let’s get into today’s value. Alright, so the first business on today’s list is a new business but it’s emerging as an amazing industry. And I think there’s massive potential for people to get into this. And it’s launching an NF T project. If you aren’t sure what NFT’s are NF T’s are non fungible tokens. So they’re being sold in the form of artwork. So basically, you buy these little images online and you own this original piece of artwork. So while it might not seem too enticing, as a buyer, being a seller of these NF T’s can be rather lucrative and it’s not that difficult to get started. I’m not sure why more people aren’t talking about this. But right now there’s literally hundreds of different projects on open sea and you would think all these creators publishing these projects have to be some amazing artists. But guys, this is super simple to get your own NFT project off the ground. So if I was starting from scratch, I could just go on Fiverr and have someone help me start an NF T project. So this would give you the poor foundation of the digital assets that you want to sell. And then the next step I would take from that is I would start some type of advertising campaign to try to bring the height your NF T’s. So you could do that by doing influencers, tick tock all these different other methods to build value and height behind your project. And once you have that built, you can release it and hopefully make 1000s of dollars because right now the digital assets are being sold for astronomical prices. For example, crypto tongues are going for millions of dollars. And there’s also just random projects that almost no one knows about that are going for tonnes of money as well. So I think there’s so much upside with this business model and so much potential because if you drop one successful projects, I’m sure you could release tonnes of more projects and just be able to absolutely cash in on this bull run in the NFT market but with that being said, let’s move on to business number two. Alright, so the second business on today’s list is definitely the one that I would pick if I had to restart from everything which is a social media marketing agency. I think this is the perfect business for people with no experience to get into. Because there’s a relatively low barrier to entry. You don’t really need any money to start. You just need some basic fundamental knowledge on how social media work. And if you’re around my age, I’m sure you know how social media works. So there’s massive potential to get high paying clients relatively easy. Most people don’t understand this, but there’s businesses stuck in the past way of doing things. And that’s where you come in with your expertise on social media and you can help clients grow their Instagram or tic TOCs. So this could be one service that you offer a part of social media marketing, and you could charge right off the bat maybe $700,000 per month if you’re doing social media growth. But where I think the massive potential is with the Social Media Marketing Agency is offering multiple services so you can also offer paid marketing for them and paid marketing you can make dramatically more money because at that point, you’re going to start to take a cut of the sales that they’re getting from your advertising. So I think one good strategy behind this is trying to find a niche that you want to get into. So let’s say for example, you want to help dentist office grow their social media how you can get your foot in the door, a you can call all your local dentists offices and offer to do it for free. This is to just get introduced to the business owner. And then once you have that relationship, do whatever it takes to get that client results, get their testimonial and start calling other dentists office and explain the results you got for them and clients are going to be wanting to sign up with you. Especially when you niche down and you only help dentist office out when you call another dentist office and you tell them that you’re an expert at growing dentists social medias, you have a very good chance at getting a foot in the door with that business. Owner. And the reason why I love this business model is you could charge two or even $3,000 for some of these clients so you can make a full time salary off four or five clients. Give them an amazing experience and you’re making a significant amount of income as well. So definitely a win win scenario. The third business I recommend beginners get into which is Amazon FBA. The reason why I recommend this business model is because it’s rather hands off, you can automate most of the process and I think Amazon is just such a passive income source that it can really be scaled and I think this is a perfect business for a beginner to get into beaks it doesn’t take much upkeep one thing that is probably the downside of this business is it does take a little bit more capital to get started. And the reason Amazon FBA is the perfect business model is because you’re going to be shipping all of these products to Amazon’s fulfilment centre and they’re going to be handling the shipping. So all you’re going to see is the money coming into your bank account and all you’re going to have to handle is ordering the products from Alibaba and getting it inventoried into Amazon’s warehouse, which overall is a simple process. So if you go after different viral products on Amazon, if you find even one or two of those products, they can have a massive market cap and I’ve seen products on Amazon that aren’t too desirable doing a couple 100k a month so imagine you just get one of these products it could completely change your life. I remember when I first started Amazon FBA, I was blown away how easy it was I was doing $20,000 a month and I barely knew what I was doing. I just listed my inventory online and it sold really quickly. So that’s why I like Amazon FBA. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to get this off the ground. I think one downside of this business model though is that you don’t actually have your own website. So you’re reliant on Amazon and Amazon does take massive commission, but at the end of the day, you still have a decent profit margin. But if you are wanting to take a little bit more hands on control, that’s going to be business number four, which of course is Shopify drop shipping, which is one of the most prevalent business models that I talk about on this channel, because it’s the business that took me from broke to over $5 million in sales within a few years. I truly do think this is the perfect business model for a beginner to get into. The only issue is there can be a rather steep learning curve. So I think it takes about a month of really saturating yourself in the dropshipping scene to understand how everything works and all the components behind it. But why I love this business model is because once you learn it, you can go out and rinse and repeat this process. And of course you don’t have to handle any inventory and shipping out yourself. So this business model is 100% online, you can manage your inventory anywhere in the world and you usually advertise with platforms like Facebook and tick tock so it’s a relatively scalable business, you can technically just buy up more of the ad space which in turn will get you more sales.

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